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Our Mission Statement is "Let's Make Britain and the World Safe"

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Our Mission Statement is “Let’s Make Britain and the World Safe”.

To make this happen we need lots of like-minded people to join SJC. We all believe in living in a safe world. SJC is purely designed to support a complete online staffing solution. Whatever your position is in the security industry, you can join and help us make Great Britain and the World Safe. Whatever area you are working in i.e. Reception, Administration, HR, Operations, Control Room, Vetting, Compliance, Finance, Area Management or if you are a Senior Security Officer and you are proud of your skills, then we invite you to join the very first UK online recruitment portal and earn as much as you can.

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Let’s start with tomorrow’s solutions, today!!

Make Extra Money

Security Jobs and Careers is offering more than online recruitment solutions. We are also looking for Graphic Designers, Branding Experts, Creative Minds, Creative Writers, Web Developers, Programmers, App Developers, SEO Experts, Videographers, Android and iPhone Developers, Video Editors and Illustrators.
Please join SJC and make extra money.
The UK security industry needs you and your skills.

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Start a Security Company

If eBay and Amazon can make you a successful trader in no time, then SJC’s online recruitment portal can also allow you to start your own security business instantly. Just register as an employer, post vacancies, recruit your staff and start covering your sites. We can even provide you with an SIA registered company to support your operation until your own new security company passes its ACS Registration.
This Unique Business Opportunity is only offered by SJC.
At SJC we know that everyday security clients are asking security officers for extra staff to cover their urgent sites.
Security guards spread the word to their friends to help to cover their clients’ sites without getting any reward.
Now with the help of SJC resources you can open up your own security company or you can use our partners SIA registered security companies for your quick start up operation.
You get security sites.
We help you with the operation.
We also have ACS Consultants ready to help you to set up your complete business.
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You can start your new business with our 20 years experience.

Represent SJC

Security Jobs and Careers is an internet company and technically we exist everywhere in the UK and around the world.
We are currently looking for all sizes of security companies to join us as a strategic partner and represent SJC in their local areas.
In return we are offering a big discount on all our products and a further partnership in profits and equity.
A full share option will be offered by a London based Solicitor Firm who specialise in merging and expansion.
Should you require a face to face meeting with us, then please contact We are very flexible and can meet you anywhere that is suitable for you, we’ll even pay for the cost of the coffee.
We are currently only using our office address for correspondence.
All our staff choose to work in their own time and they are their own bosses because SJC is a Boss-Less Company.
Love, peace and smiles.

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Security Jobs and Careers are only just a click away.