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Setting up a Career in the Security Industry

Setting up a Career in the Security Industry

The security industry is considered as one of the most crucial industries in the world. Because the modern society is facing a huge security risk and challenge and the need for professional, trained, and certified security personnel is hiking up everywhere, the security industry is undergoing a booming episode.

Nearly all the sectors of a nation – from schools, hospitals, banks to railway stations and airports – require security personnel to handle their security issues. There are security job opportunities in almost every corporation, and the average annual income of a security officer is also quite reasonable. The industry never falls short of security vacancies, and there happens a regular hire.

Security industry overview

The security industry offers two broad groups under which the hired candidates are employed.

1.    Manpower
The roles under this category include bodyguard, gatekeeper, crowd controller, mobile patrol guard, security officer, security agent, loss prevention officer, and concierge.
2.    Technician
The roles offered under this category include security systems installer who fits and repairs the security systems in corporations or homes, network administrator working on vast security systems, and control room operators who monitor alarm systems.

There are also posts of a private investigator, risk assessor, and security advisor.

Steps to start a career in the security industry
1.    Be mentally prepared for the roles and responsibilities.
2.    Select a security course and enroll yourself.
3.    Appear and pass through all the training tests.
4.    Apply and get for yourself a security license.
5.    Finally, get yourself a security job and begin your career in the security industry.

Checklist to work for security companies

1.    Investigate security worker forums.
2.    Pass through the background tests and get a certificate.
3.    Develop a propelling resume.
4.    Be determined and goal-oriented.
Licenses needed
The statutory body, Security Industry Authority (SIA) regulates the private security industry. The duties of SIA includes- regulating the mandatory licensing of individuals who undergo designated activities within the private security industry and managing a voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) that assesses the private security service suppliers against the independently established assessment criteria.
SIA license approval    

A typical application is reviewed against- SIA licensed staff, licensed directors, fit and proper organization/ management, self-assessment, and significant complaints.

The objective of Approved Contractor Scheme

The objective of SIA’s ACS is to increase the performance standards and to provide assistance to the private security industry to develop new opportunities.

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