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Check out the Responsibility of the (door supervisor)

Posted: 22/05/2017
Commonly called bouncers, door supervisors are responsible for ensuring only people who meet the right criteria are allowed entry into certain venues. Depending on the venue this could mean checking ID cards, dress code suitability and much more. Door supervisors are also responsible for ensuring the safety of patrons inside the venue as well.Door supervisor jobs are common and as long as you have the correct licenses there’s plenty of potential places of business you could work at. The private sector is particular is always in need of professional door supervisors.
SJC123.co.uk is a leading Security Jobs and Careers Web Portal and the site to check for news and employment opportunities for door supervisors across the UK. Being a door supervisor can be an exciting and rewarding job and can take you to a wide range of different places.While door supervisors are often needed at places like pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants they can be employed at a wide range of different venues from military bases to office blocks and much more! And with SJC123.co.uk we can help you make your start as a professional door supervisor or help you find your next place of work.
Door supervisor jobs are available in a wide range of working patterns and many people who work in the security industry sometimes also find work as a door supervisor for extra income. If you’re a night owl then a door supervisor job would be a great choice as many shifts usually run late into the night. If you’re in good physical condition, confident and a good communicator then working as a door supervisor is a great fit for you. So if you’re ready to take on the challenging and exciting work that comes with being door supervisor then SJC123.co.uk can help. 

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