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Access to Online Job Application Forms

 As a newly launched Job portal, it may take us a little more time, but we are doing our upmost best to give you the highest response you deserve for your Job Postings.  You can proactively help us increase awareness more quickly by inviting your candidates (found via other job-boards) to our site and get them to complete our bespoke OAF, which will enable you to manage their profiles via our custom-built for security companies FREE Candidate Management Dashboard, so called ATS!
  1. Our OAF feature IS FREE for Jobseekers and currently costs £10 only to the Employers.
  2. Our OAF meets with the next stage of the Employer’s hiring requirements after viewing a standard CV. It satisfies the security industry standard (BS 7858) and has a unique Gap finder, called 5 Year Summary, designed to assist in eliminating any Employment gaps / missing details within the Employment and career history section.
  3.  OAF is offered to the Employers as an online self-service facility which is in-built into our bespoke Applicant Tracking System (ATS) on each Employer's Account/Dashboard offered for FREE. Every time a candidate applies for your job, his whole profile including access to his OAF will appear on the Employer's ATS.
  4. Once the Employer has purchased access to viewing any Application Form (OAF), they can start actively participating in encouraging the candidate (selected via CV or Video interview) to complete their OAF to a level of 100%.
  5. The software will display to the Employer on their Dashboard the latest (REAL-TIME) completion level (from 0% to 100%) of each OAF. In some cases, Jobseekers will have been proactive and have completed their OAF to 100% without any Employer encouragement, therefore, they will be Ready-To-Go.
  6. Access to these OAFs will remain at the same price, currently at £10. (READY TO GO jobseekers will be in greater demand with actively recruiting Employers).
  7. Jobseekers are required to complete their OAF with 5 year Employment History only ONCE, and keep editing as and off required. Every time a candiate applies for a job to different Employers his whole profile including his OAF will land on individual ATSs of those Employers, however with their own company Logo on each page. Each Employer will be  able to ACCESS/ VIEW /SAVE/ PRINT/ DOWNLOAD and SHARE this file with their relevant departments (f.ex. VETTING) via  sub-account access instead of e-mailing. (Compliant with the new GDPR legislation)
  8. Our OAF feture reduces scanning/posting costs and provides continuity of work flow within Departments.
  9. By using our universal OAF for the security industry, Jobseekers don’t need to spend time and money travelling to numerous security companies to complete different paper versions of Application forms, thus avoiding constant repetition for themselves and cutting down on paper costs for the Employer.
  10. The OAF pdf download together with the signed Declaration & Consent page; New Starter Form, as well as supporting PDF docs like Right to Work, SIA Licence Number, NI etc. allow the Employer not only to obtain everything they need to start the Vetting process immediately, but also to speed up the initial set-up of new starters for operation and payroll purposes. (Especially important for bulk orders in preparation for Event work etc.) 
For further details please e-mail us as clients@sjc123.co.uk

(We welcome your Feedback and Suggestions)

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