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Video Cover Letter


Dear Employer,

Would you like to minimise your cost per hire by 90%? 
Obviously, Yes
 to reduce no-shows?

Yes again, but how?

 Save the face to face interviews for only the best candidates, with 2 amazing video features!

Are you ready to embrace innovation and technology!

Would you like that for FREE too?


Yes, it is also possible for the whole of 2020. (Beta Version)

Would you agree that several seconds of watching a Video presentation can give you a much better sense of whether this candidate's look, values, beliefs and behaviour fit in with your company's culture or don’t? 

Hiring a candidate that does not fit your company's culture is a serious problem, and a usual text CV alone is unlikely to reveal the issue. 

How it works.

 A Video Cover Letter is a new feature built into our Applicant Tracking System.
Request the candidate to either answer YOUR specific questions or just let him explain in general why he believes to be the best match for the advertised job or why he wants your job.

 Some proactive candidates will have their Video Cover Letters recorded while applying for your job, with no encouragement needed. You will see a play button next to their profile picture, under the title “My Cover Letter”, all ready for you to watch.  
Some would need YOUR instruction to record one. For them, simply click on the link provided to send an invitation to their mobile by a no-reply SMS from our SJC platform (a relevant SMS text is already there for you, just add your details: for example your job title, your and company's name and contact mobile number if you like). Alternatively, you can do it with our internal e-mail service.
You can also design your own questions.  We recommend not more than 4.                                                      1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
2. Why do you want to work for our company?
3. Why do you believe you are the best match for the advertised role?
4. Describe a challenging situation you have faced recently at work, and how you tackled it?

Please try and test our feature for FREE and share with us your experience.     info@sjc123.co.uk