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Online Application FORM (OAF)

Security Jobs & Careers is a security dedicated job board with additional eco-friendly tools in the background that help employers to hire you more quickly and in an eco-friendly way! One of them is a live REAL-TIME ONLINE APPLICATION FORM with a 5-year Employment history checker.

Security Jobs & Careers

1. Eco-friendly hiring

It is designed to suit every security employer. It saves you and them - time, money, travelling cost and paper!

You can complete and sign it from your home - your employer can review and download it from their office.

Once registered as a jobseeker, you will have free access to a blank online application form.  Just remember to activate it so that the data gets synchronized and the employer you have applied to, can see your progress from their account with sjc123.co.uk

2. Complete ONCE & RE-USE

Only ONCE you need to take your time to complete it fully (max 30 min), and then every time you are looking for a new security job via our web-site, you can use it again to apply for that new job. Complete it online, sign it with an electronic signature and the job is done!

To re-use it, just login to your account with us and do a quick EDIT by adding your most recent employment dates and details. And the form is ready to be used again! What a time-saver!

Security Jobs & Careers
Security Jobs & Careers

3. How is it live and REAL-TIME?

The clever system wants the form to remain always live for you - for any future re-usage after additional editing with new details. Therefore, it won’t ever ask you to submit the form even when it’s fully completed.

Instead, to keep track on your progress, we have a status bar to tell you how much you have done percentage wise, from 0% to 100%.

4. You are in control

With the activation button there, you have overall control when it comes to deciding whether or not to allow your form to be seen by the employer that you have just applied with.

For the employer to be able to see your progress and to guide you on how many sections you need to complete at the initial stage or which documents to attach there, all you have to do is to ACTIVATE the visibility mode from your end. If at any point you want your form to be hidden from the employers you have applied with, you can switch off the activation button again.

Security Jobs & Careers
Security Jobs & Careers

5. Why universal?

With our form you do not need to spend time and money on travelling to different employers, and filling out by hand different paper application forms, (essentially asking you to provide the same information just in a slightly different format).

Our form is designed for the security industry and contains all those important questions. That is why it can become universal – suitable across the whole security sector.

6. Employers’ benefit – an informed decision

How often have interviews wasted your time just because your employer had insufficient information on your relevant experience? Now with our form all these problems can be avoided.

With this form your potential employer can remotely monitor the progress of your form completion. They can see if you have supplied a 5-year checkable and relevant employment history with no gaps. This helps them to make a quick informed decision on your suitability and chances to pass the vetting (BS7858). This way, employers can identify the best matches for the role, and invite them for interview with a highly possible job offer as an outcome.

Security Jobs & Careers

7. Logo - magic!

On yours (jobseeker’s side) - the logo section is blank, however when the form gets viewed and downloaded in PDF by your potential employer from their end, every page will carry your name and their company’s LOGO - just as it shows on their employer’s profile that is registered with us!

Security Jobs & Careers