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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Guide

Q. Do you specialise in Security Jobs and Careers only?
A. Yes, we are specialists in the Security Industry. Many years of experience means we have 'inside' contacts which allow us to find and post Security Jobs and Careers before most of the mainstream job sites are able to do this. This gives jobseekers the very best chance of landing the ideal position and employers the best chance of finding the ideal candidate.
If you are an employer looking for quality staff, we have probably the largest collection of Security Career CVs and applicants on the Internet at www.sjc123.co.uk
Q. What is your 'Blowout' (urgent jobs) section?
A. The Blowout (urgent jobs) section is where you can find or post 'emergency jobs'. Jobseekers will receive these alerts once they have registered.
Q. Why do I need to register as a Jobseeker?
A. Jobseekers need to register to be able to create their online CV and to enable us to store career information. Registering also allows us to send you critical alerts by e-mail, alerting you to new and relevant positions.
Q. Do you use my information on any other websites?
A. NO – your information is stored securely and all of your data is personal to you. We will not share your data with any third party.

Frequently Asked Questions by Jobseekers

Q1. I love the look of the Security Jobs and Careers website, but why is it free?

A. First of all Security Jobs and Careers is not just a website, it’s actually a portal which provides easy communication between employers, jobseekers and other registered users such as security training companies. Quite simply it is a HR robot that allows access 24 hours a day for both employers and jobseekers.
But why is Security Jobs and Careers free I hear you ask. We’re free because we want our handy resources to be accessible to everyone, so we get the maximum number of people signing up!

Q2. I understand how to register and apply for jobs by posting my CV but what is the application form?

A. Like every Job Portal, jobeekers can apply for jobs and upload their CV but in the security industry every jobseeker also has to complete an application form with 5 years checkable history.  We developed an online security job application form so that jobseekers can accurately fill in this form from the comfort of their own home, which will in turn, speed up the recruitment process.The online security job application form can be completed in multi-steps and its self-checking features help jobseekers to complete it correctly with details such as national insurance number, bank account details and five years checkable employment history (with no gaps).

Q3. I am going to upload my ID and bank documents, is my data safe?

A. Security Jobs and Careers is registered under the Data Protection Act. Rest assured your data is saved on the world's safest server - we have an IT Team who work 24/7 to maintain the security of the server for Security Jobs and Careers. We also have a strict Data Protection Policy and we do not share your details to marketing companies. Only jobseekers can place a request with the Security Jobs and Careers Admininstration Department to send his/her job application form to a potential employer

Q4. I have filled in the application form and uploaded my documents, how will the employer get my application form?

A. After receiving your CV a potential employer will invite you for an online live video interview. Once you pass the live video interview then the potential employer will ask you to request from Security Jobs and Careers Admininstration Team to release your application form to them.

Q5. What is a live video interview?

A. A live video interview is similar to a face-to-face interview except you are in separate places and accessing this online through the SJC website. You are able to talk to each other and also make notes in the dedicated message box provided, for e.g. after the interview candidates can write notes about their future employer and vice versa.

Q6. Once my application form has been received by the employer, what do I have to do next?

A.  Congratulate yourself for a job well done, your employer will confirm your position and then simply turn up for work as agreed!
Remember Security Jobs and Careers is your personal HR manager which will assist you not only to find a job, but also help you to keep your job related documents in one place via your online account, e.g. the Security Jobs and Careers platform will facilitate the arrangement of your online video interview, send your completed online application form to your potential employer and get everything ready for you and your employer to enable you to just start work and receive your pay. SJC will thoroughly assist you in looking for a high quality security job in the UK.

Q7. What makes http://www.sjc123.co.uk different from Indeed, Gumtree and many other job portals?

A. http://www.sjc123.co.uk is the only job portal that offers unique job finding with integrated online facilitation and management tools such as live video interview and online job application form submission.
Thank you for answering all my questions. http://www.sjc123.co.uk sounds wicked, I am going to register now.

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers
Q1. Wow, Security Jobs and Careers www.sjc123.co.uk looks a very interesting and innovative piece of software.  Why is it free?

A. Once upon a time Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, Google and Gumtree were all free so that the maximum number of people could use these web portals and adapt to the new technology. Security Jobs and Careers are implementing the same strategy to increase webiste clicks and raise awareness of our services.
Remember, more and more clicks means more solutions and more smiles.

Q2. We advertise our vacancies on other portals by paying high amounts and we get either a CV or a short cover letter but I am really shocked and surprised that SJC is offering a SIA tailor-made job application form with five years checkable history - it looks like someone created these features knowing what challenges the security industry is having, correct?

A. Yes, Security Jobs and Careers has been developed by security industry experts who know how much time can be wasted by receiving a handwritten job application form, which can be mostly full of mistakes and that's why SJC works like a virtual HR robot instead of a typical old fashioned job portal.

Q3. What is a live video interview?

A. A live video interview is when your security jobseeker/candidate is sitting in front of his laptop and you are in front of your laptop (at different locations) and you are both asking each other questions related to the job vacancy in real time.

Q4. It sounds like Skype, so what's new and different about it?

A. It's definitely different to Skype because when you interview your potential employee via Security Jobs and Careers, all your candidate related information is under the one dashboard, for example, the candidate’s documents, application form, video interview reviews and all other related notes are secured in your one SJC online account. You can access this information from another country via cloud, even from the beach if you’ve got WiFi or mobile internet.

Q5. Your online application form is a brilliant idea, as an employer, how can I access my potential staff application forms?

A. The online job application form contains personal data relating to potential employees so we can't make it visible to everyone, however when www.sjc123.co.uk receive permission from the specific job candidate and the employer also submits the application request, then we will email you that application form.

Q6. How often do you backup your server, so we can ensure our data is safe?

A. We have a professional IT team who closely monitor the whole portal and data on a regular basis and we store all the data on the world's safest and dedicated private server. We are also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and don't share our users’ information with any third parties.

Q7. How do you ensure Security Jobs and Careers gets lots of traffic and that we get a good jobseekers' response?

A. We advertise directly on Gumtree, Indeed, Government websites, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many many other job portals to ensure SJC get noticed by a vast number of jobseekers.

Q8. I am really impressed that SJC is offering more features than all the others job portals, I am definitely going to register now.

A. In reality SJC is like your personal HR Manager who takes care of all your security and management staff recruitment needs.

Q9. I noticed that Security Jobs and Careers have a dedicated link for “Blowouts” (urgent) jobs, how does this option work?

A. Blowout (urgent) jobs is similar to the job posting feature, by highlighting it more on an instant basis so jobseekers can then apply for Blowout (urgent) job opportunities, this covers staff needed for Blowouts much quicker and faster.
Wow www.sjc123.co.uk is wicked and I am going to register now.
Frequently Asked Questions by Training Providers

Q1. I am running a SIA training company, how can I benefit from using Security Jobs and Careers?

A. You can register and start posting your courses to get more candidates.

Q2. Sometimes I help my students to apply for their SIA licence so they can get security guard jobs quickly, being a training company can I also post jobs on Security Jobs and Careers?

A.  Absolutely! Yes and you can also help through your company to produce more security guards to reduce staff shortages in the security industry.

Q3.  I always advise my students to start their careers by doing a safety stewards job at football matches, so I think I should start preparing my candidates.

A. Oh yes! You should start collecting their application forms and you can also conduct online video interviews so you are ready to start supplying SIA licenced security staff and safety stewards to outdoor and indoor events when needed.

Q4. In reality, is Security Job and Careers like a job portal and also an online recruitment management portal with every recruitment option being cloud based?

A. Yes that is absolutely correct.

Wow, http://www.sjc123.co.uk is a wicked portal and I am going to register now.
Frequently Asked Questions by Recruitment Companies

Q1. I just registered on Security Jobs and Careers and I am really impressed by its features; this website must have taken lots of time and effort to develop?

A.  It was started by a security company owner who was fed up running to security guards to get application forms signed. He thought that there should be a job portal which should be exclusively developed for the UK Security Industry. It took over two years to develop by many IT and security industry experts.
I must say that Security Jobs and Careers is not a just website!  Actually it's a professional portal based on the  latest IT languages and different coding to provide seamless communication amongst its users.

Q2. As a recruitment company can we invite our general jobseekers to register on http://www.sjc123.co.uk?

A.  Absolutely yes! That's the whole idea, to achieve recruitment results with online options to save everyone time.

Q3. Well I really like the feel and look of the Security Jobs and Careers portal with the online video interview facility.

A. This is the beauty of Security Jobs and Careers that it provides unique online recruitment solutions.
Wow! I love www.sjc123.co.uk