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About Our Company

SJC123 is a leading Security Jobs and Careers Web portal at the very forefront of careers in the UK Private Security Industry.
Why are SJC different?

Employers can browse security job candidate resumes quickly and easily. SJC123 has insider access to the latest security jobs and applicants. Sign into your own personalized dashboard for easy security job application, management, and processing.

If you are looking for a job or career in security then SJC123 is the place to be. Hundreds of job vacancies, all managed through your very own personalized dashboard. Submit your resume for online consideration by hundreds of potential security job employers and receive ongoing live job alerts.

Our all new website is robust, cutting edge technology offering the very highest levels of security and reliability. Built by our expert team of developers and programmers and guided by Security Consultants, Operations and HR Managers who fully understand the industry, our platform is the latest and most relevant Security Careers and Recruitment site available.

Employer or applicants
SJC123 remove the painful parts of the process and make it easy to find a job, or to hire the ideal security job candidate.
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