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Does Britain need more professional security employers?

The recent past has shown us that security has become an essential part of almost every single business in the UK. Nowadays companies need to protect their premises, their staff, they must follow specific health and safety procedures or even being proactive in order to prevent vandalism on their establishments. This current need has led to a significantly increase of demand for security professionals.


From a client’s point of view employing security staff is not as easy as someone might think. Every potential customer needs to know that they will recruit a professional who will be trustworthy, reliable and capable to carry out his duties. Security staff is often entrusted with a job role that requires a unique set skills. Security officials must show high professionalism and represent company’s policies and profile at all times. And the best way for a company to achieve this level of professionalism is to address their requests to security employers, who will be able to provide them with the right professionals.


Security employers are in high demand at the moment, as they are the most adequate agencies to advise and provide companies with accredited and fully trained security professionals. Furthermore, a security employer is responsible for recruiting the right people for the right job. As a security employer you  should be able to offer not only a wide variety of services, but also to deploy staff as quickly as possible in order to meet the clients’ needs and this kind of effectiveness and responsiveness is that makes security employers essential. They have the knowledge and the capacity to recruit staff who specialises in the security field and to make sure that they will meet the client’s standards.


Security Employers

Being a SIA licenced security company adds credibility and value to a security employer. SIA – Security Industry Authority – is an organisation that regulates the private security sector. It’s a UK independent party that authorises and provides companies who wish to certify themselves as professional security employers. The private security industry grows immensely, so obtaining a SIA licence ensures that private security employers operate under specific criteria and recruit the adequate persons who are not only trained but also qualified as security professionals.


As in every business sector, expertise is what makes a company to stand out. Being a security employer is a very responsible and important profession, but it can also be a very profitable one. Companies with multiple sites, security clients that demand officers on a 24/7 basis, last minute requests for urgent deployments, requirements for specially trained security professionals are only few of many enquires that a security employer might receive. Without a shadow of a doubt there is a niche market out there and it is expanding day by day. In that sense security employers are becoming more essential than ever, since they are the ones who can meet the market’s needs.


In times of crisis and instability what people value the most is security. Whether it’s a matter of personal safety or the essence that you are in an environment that is being guarded, the reality is that security employers are the ones who can provide with the best possible solutions when it comes to security.

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